Monday, July 6, 2015

Paul S.'s Trip to LCBP

My trip to Local Church Bible Publishers


Parker Memorial Baptist Church and LCBP are located in Lansing Michigan about 80 miles from me.  On a pretty July day I drove up there. 

On arriving all the missionaries were out.  I met several volunteers.  Kind, warm, and helpful.  Like the Fundamental Baptist I knew as a child in the 60's. 

Here are some interior pictures of storage and printing rooms:






While waiting for the director I took pictures inside of the sales room.                   


After about an hour the executive director Dr. Dennis Deneau arrived. He began this ministry 35 years ago from the Bearing Precious Seeds movement. He has been the publisher and involved in design and production ever sense.                                      

Cambridge closed its USA printing and binding and the small bindery in Woodstock Vermont closed too. Dr. Deneau's son bought the equipment and moved it to Cadillac Michigan, it's present home.  Currently Bible production and shipping are done from there.                         



Talking with Dennis one factor became overwhelmingly clear.  This is a 100% American Bible.  Paper from Michigan.  Cowhide from Ohio.  Printed in America.  I love American made!                                         


Dennis explained that he and LCBP are committed to the 1769 Cambridge text KJV.  LCBP distributes over 20,000 Bibles a year.  Most over the internet.  Representatives crisscross the country speaking with pastors and to groups.  I also learned our Bible friend Derek Jones has been selected to preview new products on his Youtube channel.                                                                 


What other things did I learn.  Here are a few.

1)      No goatskin in the future.  Indian subcontinent sources are unreliable.

2)      Their paper.  22 lb., opacity 82.  I was very impressed with the latest paper's quality.  It reminded me of Cambridge differing from their previous paper.  A 20 lb. paper is being sourced for future thinlines.

3)      Paragraph Bibles?  Yes in the future.

4)      315 Scofield is changing to center the printing giving an inside margin.  A 10% increase in print size too.

5)      TCR is coming back!  Large print, red letter, in the large size Bible.
6)      Prices?  Going up later this year.
7)      Overseas shipping?  No.  Dennis shared stories of fraud ranging into the 10's of thousands.

8)  Longprimer challenged? With a smile he told me what he would charge for a LCBP Longprimer!                                                                            

Then Dennis showed me the new Signature Series art gilded hand-sized Scofield.  I bought one (added Berisford ribbons later).  The dedication and sacrifice of the missionaries and volunteers us astonishing! As was Dennis' experience and knowledge in Bible publishing.  Whatever differences some have with their translation position it is certain that LCBP Bibles are leading people to Christ.                                                                                                                    

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